CR123A 3V Lithium

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Model: CR123A
High mAh rating
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Extremely popular battery
Self-discharge Rate: <1% per Year
Used to power numerous electronics
Including several sold Here
Such as OTT-1, OTT-3 Lasers Tac-Light
And the Green Beam Laser Kit

There are no battery warranty provisions with the exception that they will be a fresh battery when shipped and will not be DOA.

Caution, Important information about Lithium Batteries:
This is one time use, primary CR123A lithium battery. Never recharge primary batteries. Charging may cause gas evolution or internal short circuit, followed by fire or explosion, in addition Primary Lithium Batteries are forbidden to be carried on passenger aircraft.


Warranty / Returns / Refunds

 Product Warranty (See specific ammo magazine warranty below)
On Target Sports is not a manufacturer or warranty agent for any product except those noted in discription.
All defective producta must be returned postage paid to the respective manufacturer or warranty agent.
To avoid the annoying DOA products we do examin, as much as possible for defects in function and/or visible damage.

Returns and Refunds
Returns are quickly refunded for any reason with the following stipulations.
1) Item return ship date is no later then 30 days after receipt.
2) Purchaser is responsible for return shipping expenses.
3) Actual shipping cost or amount charged which ever is higher will be deducted from refund.
    The exceptions to this is if we shipped incorrect product then we pay both directions.
4) Item/s to be returned for refund or exchange must be unused and in original as received condition.
5) Any product returned used, marred and/or missing contents will be cause for a rejected refund and returned at purchases expense.
5) We will not reject a refund for the sake of being a few(5)days late in date shipped.

Ammo Magazine Warranty, returns or refunds.
Purchaser notice.
All magazines sold here are Factory fresh and latest manufacturer.
All have a long and trouble free history.
That said, they can be fussy and finicky in the ammo used, loading and use.
What does this mean for you:
a) On Target Sports OnLine is not a manufacturer or warranty center.
b) All magazines sold here carry a lifetime warranty by their particular manufacturer.
c) We do not offer any replacement or refund considerations for any operationally defective or used magazine.
d) All issues requiring service require the magazine to be returned postage paid to the manufacturer for warranty.
e) By purchasing any magazine where this notice is shown or made available you agree to the above upon that purchase.

My sincere apologies if any of the above sounds annoyingly independent.
Our goal is to avoid any/all  hard feelings, disappointments or misunderstandings, these are the last thing wanted for either of us, specific return requirements are needed to accomplish that.

Thank you for your understanding.


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