About Us

About us feature

   Ohio Based On-Line Only Internet Store
Offering shooting Related Products since 2000 and
   Still Doing Business the Old fashioned way.

   If you live in a state other then Ohio, well good news, NO sales tax..
   I am also personally involved with a personal interest in every sale or inquiry so you won't get lost in some sea of unengaged and indifferent employees.

While we do do cater to Hi-Point firearms we also have a growing inventory of products suitable for many makes and models.as well as other needs.

   What we HAVE, ARE, DO NOT and ARE NOT

   We Have - Always Good to High quality products (no junk)
   We Have - Very Fast Shipping
   We Have - Almost every items in stock or very soon will be
   We Have - Rapid replies to all emails.
   We Have - Genuine discounts
   We Have - A flat $8 shipping of in stock items with orders of $100 or more.
   We Have - Fair return considerations with prompt refunds when necessary.
   We Have - A paid, not shared, 256 bit SSL portal to encrypt your entire transaction.
   We Are   - Knowledgeable on the items we sell.
   We Do Not - Store Credit Card information on any PC On-Line or in store.
   We Do Not - Track, Share, Sell or Trade your personal information.
   We Do Not - Offer on site shopping or order pick, my apologies, just not set up for that.
   We Are Not - A warranty repair or replacement center, consequently all defective products must be returned to the Manufacturer for any remedy.

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